DriftVFX is a Wellington, New Zealand based company specializing in the Visual, Virtual and Aerial UAV (Drone) Services.


The Team


Although DriftVFX is itself a new company, the founding team members are industry veterans, each with unique skills to bring to any project.


Paul Jenness

Paul has been in the Visual Effects industry for well over a decade.  Beginning on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and has been active in the industry through Avatars, and Hobbit Trilogy!

Paul specializes in Digital Environments, and has held the tiles of Lead Modeller and then Lead Environments Artist for a number of years.

He has worked on many feature films in that time, and also achieved a Visual Effects Society Award for the Floating Mountains (Creation and Lead Role)  in Avatar (see Awards)

Paul’s interests are real world asset re-creation, in particular using UAV (Drone)  technology to obtain more interesting reference angles. And Scenic photography and video.

Also he is excited about the future of Virtual Reality as a means of Visual Presentation and Product demos, as well as its applications in the Film industry for both Artist and Director tools.



The team of DriftVFX have extensive experience in the Visual Effects Film and Game industries. Although experienced many areas of the industry , our passion is for professional Digital Environment building. Whether it is real world recreation, or fantasy world based on Art Direction.

Some Film experiences:

  • Lord of the Rings (Return of the King)
    • Previsualisation
    • Models, Environment
  • Kong
    • Models, Environment
  • Avatar
    • Digital Environments
    • Awarded Visual Effects Society (VES) award for “Floating Mountains”
  • Hobbit 1-3
    • Digital Environments

For full film history of our team please see our personal IMDB pages:

See the Visual feature pages for more information

Out team are experienced in Visual Effects software also:

  • Maya
  • Mari
  • ZBrush
  • Photoscan
  • Unity
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop

Virtual Reality

DriftVFX are able to create VR demos, games and presentations in the latest Visual Reality hardware and software: These include

  • Oculus Rift hardware (and other VR devices)
  • Unity Engine
  • Unreal Engine

VR presentations are fantastic for Digital assets, survey presentation, and Museum exhibitions.



DriftVFX have a small range (but expanding) of UAV multicopters used for aerial photography and video. Originally used for “Getting the camera into a better location” for Visual Effects photography, we are moving into other aerial services. In particular for small project video, and aerial Survey.

If you have a need or curious about UAVs, Drones, aerial Photography or other aerial based services please Contact Us

We are based in Wellington New Zealand