Virtual and Augmented Reality. Information and Demos
Oculus Rift, Unity , Unreal all those good VR tools!!

Drifting in VR

  Drift VFX are currently working on their Virtual Reality, Social Interactive experience. It has been Relase on Oculus Home as Drifting in VR Alpha, for initial testing.   Set in a tranquil Oriental styled walled Garden, meet up other Oculus Rift users and chat, play, discuss, and Drift in […]

Ninja Trilogy Demo

Man.   When I was younger I loved the game “Last Ninja” by System3  on my C64.  (Actually I love anything Ninja to be honest) What would that be like today, and with VR…  I think we’ll find out.   DriftVFX are working on a roughly title “NInja Trilogy” Demo. […]

Portable VR Setup

Since DriftVFX are involved in VR development, it became an issue that our desktop station is great for dev, but is a fixed location. The goal for this setup was to utilise a macbook pro to be a portable VR Solution to help us take our demos on the road […]