Drifting in VR



Drift VFX are currently working on their Virtual Reality, Social Interactive experience.

It has been Relase on Oculus Home as Drifting in VR Alpha, for initial testing.


Set in a tranquil Oriental styled walled Garden, meet up other Oculus Rift users and chat, play, discuss, and Drift in VR.

Enjoy the scenery, sit on a rock, or over the pond and listen to the ambient music.

Choose from a selection of Avatar characters. The ninja, the samurai, and others continually added.

Supports CV1 and Gamepad and Oculus Touch controllers.


Currently in early Pre-Alpha and released via Oculus Keys. Please contact us if you would like a key.

Released Early 2017


In game footage as of Jan 2017



Below: The main courtyard (Early Build)


Welcome to Drifting in VR. The opening view:


A player with Ninja Avatar, looking down into the main Courtyard (Early Build Level Design)


A player with Samurai Avatar in the main Courtyard (Early Build)


The view across the pond to the Loins Maw waterfall (Early Build)