Ninja Trilogy Demo



When I was younger I loved the game “Last Ninja” by System3  on my C64.  (Actually I love anything Ninja to be honest)

What would that be like today, and with VR…  I think we’ll find out.


DriftVFX are working on a roughly title “NInja Trilogy” Demo. A VR adventure inspired by Last Ninja and a range of other adventuretitles. With Oculus CV1 and Touch support to be included, so you can actually swing that sword and use that garotte up close and personal!

I have story mapped out for 3x 8 level adventures (hence the trilogy). We are currently working on the demo for pitching.

For now, here are some preview screenies.

Stay tuned!!


ninjaTrilogy-demo-07 ninjaTrilogy-demo-09 ninjaTrilogy-demo-08 ninjaTrilogy-demo-06  ninjaTrilogy-demo-02 ninjaTrilogy-demo-01