Dark Sand Coast – Unity Asset Pack

DriftVFX is proud to announce it’s first Unity Asset pack:


Dark Sand Coast



This pack is based on a Dark Sandy Coastal area in New Zealand, with many stones, boulders and rock formations.


The textural detail of these assets is very high, many with 4k Color/Diffuse and Normal maps.

Combine that with the Ambient Occlusion and Specular maps it provides a lot of detail.

This is provided with intent to allow for high detailed presentation level applications, as well as VR and gaming options. These can be sampled inside the engine to a lower mipMap level for lower spec machines or mobile.


The models in this package come from actual coastal rocks. With a combination of professional high resolution DSLR cameras, Drone based aerial photography, and photometry tools. we have recreated the assets as realistically as possible, with a lot of detail provided in the geometry and normal maps.

The base meshes are quite detailed, intended for close scrutiny in game, VR or presentation applications. However they also come with at least 1 LOD reduced version each to allow efficiency where needed on lower spec machines or mobile




Unity Store:

You can pick up this package the Unity Store for $40

Unity store link



To sample a quick demo you can have a look here:




Webplayer Demo (220MB)


Standard WASD

Return to reset level


Unity  Asset Credits:

All of the rock and ground are from the Dark Sand Coast asset pack from VAD Virtual Art Department (A product of DriftVFX)

Special mention for other Unity Store products used in the demo (but not included in the Unity Asset Store Package):

Vegetation (Trees and Plants): Nature Pack by Manufactura K4

Sound: Nature Ambiences-Looping Soundscapes by Soundrangers

Seagulls: Bird Flock Bundle by Unluck Software


Sky HDRI: http://noemotionhdrs.net/ an abundant resource of free HDRI images


Unity Community Forum Thread:




This is our first product release for the Unity Store, so its possible we have not fulfilled all of our customers needs and wants.

We’d be happy to update, modify as needed. And fix any problems that may be found. Please contact us if we can help you.

If you have any ideas for future asset packs we’d be intersted.

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