The Birth of DriftVFX


Well its time to venture out of the comfort zone and begin a company based on the skills and passions of our team.

Welcome to DriftVFX.

Visual, Virtual ,Vertical.  These are the 3 Vs that inspire our team, and particularly as they intertwine to create powerful combinations.





Film VFX, Game and Virtual Reality asset creation, and photography.

Our team members have experience in all of these areas,








Virtual Reality is coming! We predict late 2014 and into 2015 Virtual Reality will take off into a booming industry.

With the launch of Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Valves VR system and the many supporting product and companies,VR will be a huge industry.

Drift VFX intends to be there, creating high quality content for both online store, and private contract.







Kraken K103 FoxTech

Drones! Yes you’ve heard of them. This is another industry literally taking off right now.

From Aerial Film and Photography, Farm and Vineyard surveying, Coastal Search and rescue, Drones (or more accurately Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs) will become a common day sight.

Drift VFX have team members passionate about these machines and this technology. It provides them a unique perspective for aerial based digital asset creation, as well as Geographic Land Survey.

Combine that with Visual and Virtual skills and you have a unique digital playing field



This site will host both company information for hire, advice and storefront, as well as a general community blog, especially in those 3 key areas.




If you have any enquiries or would like contract DriftVFX to fulfill a job in these areas please contact us:





Thanks you for joining us as we birth this new endeavour


DriftVFX Team


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