Yearly Archives: 2015

Aerial Real Estate Test

Friends of DriftVFX allowed us to test shoot their lifestyle block with our new Inspire. This is our second time out using the Inspire, and Premiere Here are some outtakes A longer version is here To be continued  

Portable VR Setup

Since DriftVFX are involved in VR development, it became an issue that our desktop station is great for dev, but is a fixed location. The goal for this setup was to utilise a macbook pro to be a portable VR Solution to help us take our demos on the road […]

3DR Solo – Sneak peak and Trailer

Just updated their site and released a trailer video for their new upcoming UAV Drone. It has been named SOLO, and is to be announced at this weekends NAB SHOW in Las Vegas. The NAB Show is a common event for announcing Photography and other Broadcast Industry technologies. From Drones […]

3dr Solo

Our Eye in the Sky

DriftVFX is involved in Visual and Virtual Asset making, for film, game and VR presentation. We specialize in natural environments re-creation. In the past we have primarily used ground based photogrammetry to build assets such as rocks, logs, cliffs that can be accessed physically on foot. However with UAV copters […]